Non-Reflector Halogen 7388 Bulb Light 6V G4 20W Light Sources

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Halogen Non-Reflector 7388 20W G4 6V Light Bulb

Halogen non-reflector lamps offer high-quality light and are easy to install, replace and operate. All halogen nonreflector lamps incorporate a distortion-free quartz bulb and a precise positioning of the mounted filament. These ensure optimal beam performance and consistent, high light output. A wide range of wattages is available for a broad variety of applications, including projection systems. In addition you get all the proven advantages of halogen technology such as a full spectrum and a color rendering index (CRI) of – the same as natural light and the best that it can be. Halogen lamps also create a comfortable warm white light, and they maintain their lumen output, with almost no reduction, throughout their lifetime. List of Compatible models with this lamp:256784, 409867, 6V20WG4, 87100409867, 9238710103, CH30, CX, EclipseE, EclipseE200, G4, Labophot, Philips7388, Philips73886V20W, ProjectionLamp, Type7388, YSHalogen Bulb.

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