Ceramic 10 x 10 Cream Celebrate Blessings Stoneware Bowl Dishware Decorative Decorative Bowls

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Blessings Celebrate Cream 10 x 10 Ceramic Stoneware Decorative Dishware Bowl

For more than 0 years, has designed and sold giftable products intended to “Lift the Spirit”—in times of celebration, when comfort is needed, or just to put a smile on someone’s face. Blessings Bowl has a sentiment lining the rim "We celebrate our blessings, for our hearts are full. Together we count our blessings, for we are filled with gratitude". A gift for someone you love or for a family member you know will cherish such a thoughtful expression. Bowl is made of ceramic stoneware pottery. Handwash only, not intended for microwave use. Comes complete with cards meant to write notes of thanks, wishes, blessings, and love to cherish always. Unique bowl boasts creativity and thoughtfulness. Bowl measures approximately 0 inches in diameter. Giving a gift that reminds each of us the value of love is a timeless way to remind those around us how precious love and life truly are. Perfect for display and functional use in the kitchen. This piece is a tailor-made gift for family or friends as a thoughtful birthday gift, housewarming sentiment, special meal at a friend's home, or bridal shower. Bowl is a sentimental keep-sake embellishment for any home. Heirloom piece is a gift to encourage sharing blessings and love. Made of stoneware pottery and embellished on the rim, this will add a touch of love to the design of any home. By Gatherings. Ships in protective packaging.

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