Star Tiny Earrings Huggies Ear Earrings Stud 4mm Stud

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Tiny Star Earrings 4mm Stud Earrings Ear Huggies

These adorable backless earrings curve around to the front of your ear instead of having a fussy catch to deal with. They are so comfortable you won't even remember you're wearing them! Sleep in them and you'll find they don't poke you in the neck like most stud earrings will. The simple look of these is perfect to wear as a minimalist every day look, or in your second piercings as an accent. The tiny stars are so cute and charming! They are great for those who want to look put together but don't always have time to deal with changing jewelry in the mornings. These earrings also offer 2 looks in one! You can thread them through the back of your ear instead of the front, and you'll have a simple tiny hoop instead of a stud.
On most people, a catch is not necessary to wear these earrings, but I do include clear rubber backings with each pair that are optional for those who prefer extra security.
These look great on everyone and make a unique gift idea! These are one of my most popular earring designs that my customers rave about after purchasing. These earrings come in a gift box and silver colored ribbon as shown.

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