Speed Deuter Lite Navy/Alpinegreen 24, Internal Frame Backpacks

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Deuter Speed Lite 24, Navy/Alpinegreen

The most minimalistic hiking backpack in 's collection, the Speed Lite 2 excels in its extreme lightness and puristic design, providing maximum carrying comfort and outstanding ventilation for athletic tours and alpine adventures in challenging terrain. The Lite Air Backsystem is streamlined, breathable, and high-performing, with its flexible and tensioned Delrin U-frame and airy 3D mesh minimizing perspiration and maximizing trail endurance. This hiking pack delivers everything you need and nothing you don't: a concealable shoulder harness and hipbelt, side compression straps for regulating pack volume, accessory loops for gear attachment, easy finger pull loops on zippers, stretch side water bottle pockets, and hydration system compatibility. The Speed Lites keep backcountry safety in mind with a built-in loop for a safety light, 3M reflectors, and a just-in-case SOS label providing life-saving tips. In its sleek and intelligent design, the Speed Lite 2 will over-perform on any elite adventure with such grace and ergonomics that you'll hardly notice it's there.

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