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SupplyMaster - SMCVE4L-BX - Medical Vinyl Gloves - Disposable, Powder Free, Exam, 4 mil, Large, Clear (Box of 100)

If you are a healthcare professional, you go through countless disposable gloves every day. It is the same routine for lab technicians: Don a pair, perform a procedure, doff your gloves, and move on to the next exam. Whether you are working with bodily fluids, blood-borne pathogens, contaminants, and other highly sensitive materials, you need dependable barrier protection. Corrupting a sample via cross-contamination is simply not part of your vocabulary. Not only do they protect you and the materials you work with, but they also offer a comfortable fit and excellent tactile sensitivity. Gloves that do not fit well can contribute to hand fatigue, and trying to grasp delicate instruments without proper touch response can be difficult at best. For numerous applications that require frequent glove changes—all across the healthcare and lab spectrum—they are an economical alternative to latex or nitrile. Vinyl is a synthetic material made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It has a loose fit and a smooth, comfortable feel. It also helps prevent allergic reactions to latex protein. The gloves are powder free, which both patients and professionals will appreciate: Research has shown that powder in gloves can cause wounds to heal improperly. The polymer coating inside makes them easy to pull on or take off, even when your hands are wet, and the beaded cuff helps decrease the likelihood of Clear Vinyl Powder Free Exam Gloves are sold 100 gloves per box, 4 boxes per case. approved for non-sterile medical procedures—and California Prop. 65 compliant—they come in sizes from small to with lab technicians, medical and dental professionals, elder care and child care specialists, and in home caregiver environments, they also are frequently used by pharmacists, veterinary staff, and biotech workers. Dependable and affordable, Supply Master Clear Vinyl Powder Free Exam Gloves are a terrific value for all healthcare needs.

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